How To Quickly Write Simple Sentences That Capture Attention & Get Sales!

Dear Friend,

If you want more sales, you need to learn copywriting.

Copywriting (with a “w”) is basically sales in text.

Instead of cold calling or interacting in person…

You write simple sentences (like this).

Very few know how to write copy.

Which means this is a great opportunity.

Because once you know about copy, you can write:

  • Taglines for companies!

  • Headlines for websites!

  • Emails for follow-up sequences and upsells!

  • Social media ads that generate leads!

  • Scripts that help videos get more views!

  • Video sales letters that make prospects hang onto every word!

  • Pop-ups that keep people from leaving a website!

  • Product descriptions that make people want your products!

  • And literally anything else that involves writing!

Want to know what’s really amazing about copywriting?

It can be taught!

I once had no idea about copywriting.

But once I found out…

My ability to sell skyrocketed.

In fact, let me tell you the story about…

How I Went From Clueless Writer To Generating So Many Sales, My Boss Thought I Was Breaking The Law...

In my early days, I sold life insurance over the phone.

Talk about a difficult product to sell…

I was calling random people and pitching them on a product they couldn’t even use until they were dead.

The entrepreneur in me knew there could be a better way…

Something new and unique to generate thousands of leads!


Turns out, I did just that in 3 simple steps:

Learned  copywriting

Wrote a website that shared 12 life insurance tips

Used a new trend at the time (Google AdWords) to send people to my site

Something extraordinary happened after implementing these 3 steps... Instead of having to cold call hundreds of people a day...

I had people calling ME asking for help!

That’s the power of copywriting.

You can make people DESIRE what you have to offer!

The amount of leads I was closing was insane.

And in fact…

I ended up becoming one of the top sales reps at the company.

The CEO even called me and asked…

“Tai, we noticed you’re getting way more sales than anyone else. Be honest, are you doing anything illegal?!”

I explained what I was doing and assured him it was 100% legit.

He was surprised and I was awarded for my effort.

Over time, people caught on to this tactic.

And the cost to acquire a lead increased.

But the good news is my copywriting skill NEVER went away.

And in fact, I continue to use this skill to start and scale companies.

Would you like to learn copywriting?

If so, then I have good news.

I’m opening up a new workshop that teaches you copywriting through online videos and downloadable workbooks!

Introducing: The Sales Copywriting Workshop!

The Sales Copywriting Workshop is for you if:

You want better results in marketing (paid or organic)!

You want to develop a side hustle and get paid to write!

You want to write stronger ads for yourself or your clients!

You want to get a job as a copywriter or start your own business!

You want a competitive edge for your ecommerce brand(s)!

You want more sales from follow-up emails and retargeting!

You want to learn the psychology behind persuasive writing!

You want to master a skill that doesn't get replaced by technology/automation!

Best of all...

Copywriting is an adaptable skill.

That means whenever there’s a new trend…

You’ll know how to write words that capture attention and get sales.

Take Clubhouse, for example.

People who know copywriting have a competitive edge, because they can write titles and bios that get people interested.

I’m sure you can see how powerful this can be.

And if you want to start to learn it immediately, here’s what to do!

How To Join The Sales Copywriting Workshop


There’s an investment required to join.

The amount isn’t insanely high and you can trust the value of what you’ll learn is worth WAY more.

If within the first 30 days you disagree…
And want to get your money back…

No Problem.

Simply let my team know and they’ll refund your money.

Now that you know the steps, it’s time to take action.

Click the button below to join The Copywriting Workshop!

Your investment is guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose.

Just so much knowledge to gain.

See you in the workshop!

Stay Strong, Tai

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